We have thought of all the fine details to motivate all your senses.

Imagine, waking up to a morning surrounded by the chirping sound of native birds, together with the gorgeous view of the wind mills, and saying good-bye to sunset that yields to the stars while a peaceful and pleasant summer night welcomes you, you will enjoy listening to a tastefully selected music archives…

A morning that starts with the chorous of native birds followed by a breakfast including ; locally produced tomatoes, peppers, home made jams,hand picked olives from the nearby villages, extra virgin olive oil and wood fire baked breads complemented in our spectacular verandah styled in all whites or in your own private courtyard…

Through out the day, you can indulge yourself with our exclusive salads and snacks while being caressed by the restless breeze of Alaçatı.

As the sun starts to retire, you can smell the delicious aroma of freshly baked cakes and get ready to relax at our verandah while the 5 o’clock tea gets served.

The best hours of the day begins, when the evening starts approaching and the jasmine starts spreading its wonderful scent. You can indulge your tastebuds by sampling our coctails prepared by our bartender or the prize winning wines from our wine cellars accompanied with Lu-Ce hors d’oeuvres.

As the setting sun paints the wind mills in red, the moon will surprise you. Those who wish to spend a quiet evening far from the crowded streets of Alaçatı, can relax in our spell binding garden by the pool, where the reflection of the stars and the moon vie for your attention.

In the cool evenings of Spring & Autumn months when nature starts preparing for the new season to come, you can meet with your friends for a glass of wine and a chat, accompanied with our cosy and welcoming verandah.

For all the art lovers amongst you, exhibitions of all kinds of creative art will be held in our vast hall. Whether , this was a holiday or just a weekend get away, you will surely leave with a refreshed soul. While we bid you a farewell , we wish to see you soon…


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