A taste of the Aegean, straight from the fields…

Our “Gourmet Workshop” culinary experience at Noni’s House in the Ovacık region, packed with local tastes, information and fun, greets you with a sip of home made wine and a variety of local snacks. A brief story of the vineyard, house and year round local lifestyle accompanies this greeting.

A leisurely walk in Ovacık follows in which you get a chance to gather a variety of seasonal and local herbs and vegetables before you get back home. Tea and coffee or more wine awaits you while you clean and prepare your gatherings getting ready for the next step. The local dishes are then prepared together whilst a pleasant conversation on food & drink starts off leading right to the table where you enjoy these dishes accompanied by a breathtaking & peaceful sea view.

The rich Aegean menu offers many dishes depending on the season, however you can count on an exquisite variety and unique tastes all year round. This workshop will walk you through many courses from home made bread right all the way through “mezes” and main courses traditional Aegean desserts…

Experience Alaçatı by Luce Hotel

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