Once upon a time while Ionia civilization was still ruling in West Aegean, Archaic Greeks called Alacati as Agrilia. In those days, Agrilia witnessed two great gods falling in love with each other.

The daughter of the wind god Alkyone and sea-god Poseidon blessed this little town with their passionate holy love. Getting herself embellished with the smells of bougainville and lavenders, the Junoesque Alkyone declared her great love to the whole world with her breeze, as she was strolling around the narrow streets of Alacati.

And Poseidon colored the sea in indigo and adorned the beaches with golden color sands under the influence of his love for her. Just because of this love the soil gave birth to the most delicious fruits and the folks of Alaçati who were fed with those products also watched that harmonious dance of the wind and sea.

The town that embraced the wind and sea passionately, the heritage of Alkyone and Poseidon, first met the surf lovers and then the visitors who fell in love with this adorable little town immediately. Despite all these years, Alacati has never lost its charm, nativity, architectural beauty and what it has offered to us.

Alacati still offers everyone who worships to love, its beautiful nature, the warmest hospitality and her best fruits.


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